The Boxer

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Bamboo pulp fabric

The fabric used te generate our essentials is made out of bamboo pulp. It is heavenly soft and often described as the feeling of cashmere. Thereby it is up to 30% more absorbent, and is anti-bacterial from nature. At Balmoore, we care. Not only about your magnificent balls, but about our world too. Therefor, bamboo is ideal. It is one of the world´s fastest growing plants, using very little water, and it never needs replantation.

Relocated seams

The seams of the Balmoore Essentials are crucial to not only its comfort, but also the quality. A major improvement, as until now, the most vulnerable spot was also the place where there is the most friction. Choose balmoore and minimize damage and holes between the underwear´s legs.

Ideally measured and back-lifted waist band

The waistband on the Balmoore essentials has the ideal height according to statistics of our super professional market research. It is 3.5 centimeters high, and also has a peached inside. The backside is lifted, so you don´t have to worry when kneeling down. We have you covered.


Redesigned pattens

We redesigned the basic patterns almost every piece of underwear is made of today. The Balmoore Essentials offer you more space and ventilation, yet better support where necessary. Yes, we thought of everything.

Peached inside

After the The Balmoore boxer is fabricated, we handle the inner-side and super-soften it through the peaching process. This gives the inside a nice and peachy surface. Add this up to the natural softness af the bamboo pulp fabric, and try and imagine the feel.